Company: Nepal Looms is based on 21 years of experiences in manufacture and export of programmed and custom rug. We are proud of being able to spread the goodwill of our company within a short span of time of its establishment. The duration of our company is not remarkable because of its achievements only but it is more visible due to the admiration of all our wholesale customers and importers which have motivated us to go further ahead a long way. Nepal Looms wants to promote the pleasure of living with hand knotted artistic rugs and carpets and show that a high quality custom rug can be a real piece of art. With the objective to support Nepali handmade custom Tibetan rug production and to set new trends in the art of hand knotting, Nepal Looms was in action from 1997 AD. With our production centers in Kathmandu, we do every process of Tibetan rugs making by ourselves. This enables us to offer the utmost quality maintaining the century-old Tibetan carpet tradition in any custom designs in reasonable costs. It guarantees the quality and makes it easier to influence every single part of the production.

Chandra: Born in a middle class farmer family of Pyuthan (western Nepal) as the eldest of six siblings, moved to capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu in 1986 to pursue college study. University classes with business major and started to work in a Carpet factory from 1990 as a senior accountant. Technical work of accounting was the loophole for him to explore various aspects of carpet industry, he was diverted into production planning and product development within next 5 years. By that time his MBA and experience of this field compelled him to search the bigger arena to work in. He started his own company Tibetan Rugs (P) Ltd. with the bunch of friends in 1997 and worked with more than 100 individual designers from 28 different countries till 2009. Finally, 23 years of research and experiences of textures and ideas with different materials, dying and weaving, Nepal Looms has born. Amilee Crafts has been a part of Nepal Looms owned by Chandra. From start to finish, he is still involved in every stages of the process at Nepal Looms. Being the designs or translation into the medium of carpet and finally woven using ancient methods, Chandra has cherished his passion with immense dedication and determination with his sense of creativity.

Artisans: We take tremendous pride in the fact that our workers are some of the most highly skilled artisans. Our commitment to provide favorable environment for the artisans to create better products has always helps us to achieve the customer satisfaction that we are known for. The participation of housewives in the spinning process of rugs from some historical villages around Kathmandu valley (Bungmati, Khokona etc.) reflects our commitment to the community people to uplift their lives economically.

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