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About Artisans

We take tremendous pride in the fact that our workers are some of the most highly skilled artisans. We believe that in providing our workers with a favorable work environment that they are able to create better products. Their happiness helps us to achieve the customer satisfaction that we are known for.

Each Tibetan Rug is a true art of love. Each knot has immortalized a moment in the weaver’s life; each snip has cut off an umbilical connection between the weaver and his vision. An artisan’s craft and expression of his skill, now graces your life. Remember, every rug you buy gives a fresh lease of life to our weavers and his art.”

All of our weavers offer a smooth touch in every knot, which brings more beauty to the rugs they produce; they are skilled in this art form. It has been passed down from one generation to the next. Bringing their skills closer and closer to perfection.

Our female spinners belong from historical villages near by Kathmandu city, Bugmati & Khokana, Newari womens and are housewives. They use spinning as a means of supplementary income to help support their families.

All hand carded and hand spun wool yarn with a deep respect, passion and love.  Great care is given in selecting the highest quality wool, dyes and most importantly is the skill of the local woman who card and spin these yarns by hand.

Rug weaving is a very important part of the women’s life; it is used as a way to express their feelings and emotions.  The design is a direct reflection of what is in her heart and soul at the time the rug is being made.  The level of weaving skills attained by the woman earns them great respect and therefore, it is very important for a young girl to produce high quality work.  The weavers take great pride in their craftsmanship.

Colour matching and dyeing is most delicate work and our expertise are master dyer.

Hand carve as well as hand wash is another finishing process which gives a final touch for each rug.

As a pioneer in establishing effective methods to battle the use of illegal child labor, Nepal Looms maintains the highest standards of workplace conditions and accountability. Our weavers and supporting manufacturers are amongst the best paid in the industry and receive superior benefits, which results in exceptionally high employee retention rates at all levels of work.

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