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A lot of people enter a room without looking down at the floor. When there’s a custom rug in the room, people pay attention. A custom rug gives a room a different focal point. It draws people’s attention down instead of just straight ahead.  

A rug should be as individual as you are which should be distinctive and beautiful; soothing that reflects you, your taste, and your own special environment.  Your rug is an expression of you and your home or office and it is part of the pattern of your life, to be enjoyed in moments of solitude or in the company of family and friends. We’re constantly on the look-out for new ideas, textures, materials and designs to provide naturally distinctive and unique according to your specifications and liking where we combine luxury and comfort, along with the durability and ease of maintenance of nature’s wool for your home or office.

Nepal Looms set international standards of artistic excellence and committed to customer service the journey from concept to finished product is totally personalized and a combination of unique craftsmanship with individual artisan skills, working cooperatively together, creates these magnificent Tibetan rugs that will enhance the beauty of your home or office.

A rug represents a major purchase for your home or business. Before you order your own custom rug, we want to get to know us better. The web site tell a little about our way of creating value for our customers, and what we do to ensure that your custom rug buying experience is satisfying. You’ll learn about the art of Tibetan rug making as well as various helpful tips for perfect custom rug to suit your taste and lifestyle, and much more.


Design & Color

We are only limited by your imagination. If you can dream it we can create it.

Customers who have a specific design in mind (for instance, to match an existing pattern), or who wish to create an entirely original design for their Tibetan Rug, are encouraged to contact us. We are pleased to work with you, your designer, or engage our own designers to produce a beautiful Tibetan Rug to your unique specifications.

If you have a design motif in your wallpaper you want to emphasize, you can have that design incorporated into a custom rug. You can also pull images out of pieces of art and photographs in your home. The resulting rug will complement your decor and really attract people’s attention. When you have a rug custom made — or you have custom touches added to an existing rug — you add life to a room. The rug isn’t just something that you walk on. It’s a piece of art.

Talk with a custom rug workroom about your design ideas, and show them any sketches you’ve made or patterns you want to emulate. You can also go through our catalog of designs and see if there are any you’d like to have reworked in different colors for your home or office.

Designs can be very simple or very detailed and can involve different colors and you should also pay attention to the quality, weight and size of the rug.  

Custom colors are available on any kind of patterns size or quality. This will allow you to have a true custom rug that will give you a one of a kind décor for your home or office. We weave your ordered rugs in a broad range of colors, which will complement and enhance the decor and warmth of your home or office.

The selection of rug color is a very personal choice. Our custom rug comes in almost every color. You will want to select a color that unites your decorative elements and creates the atmosphere you desire.

We are the color experts. We can match any medium for color; fabric, paint chips or any textile you might have as a color reference or you can choose the color from Pantone Textile color guide, Benjamin Moore color preview and Benjamin Moore color fan. We can create your own unique color and texture. 

Color Variation:

As with all natural products, colors may vary slightly between hand dyeing batches. The color of samples may also change over time especially if exposed to strong sunlight.

Process & Order

Before Ordering;

  • Think about how the Tibetan Rug will be used before making any decisions.  
  • Will it be in a formal or informal area? 
  • How much traffic will move over the Rug?
  • Will the Rug be near an entrance where dirt can be tracked in?
  • How will the Rug fit your decor?
  • What kind of look or feel do you want for a room?
  • Choose types of patterns, colors and quality of Rug based on your use requirements. 

What is involved with creating a custom rug?

The process is incredibly easy. All you have to do is follow these steps…

  • Step 1- Enter your contact information.
  • Step 2 – Select the design and size of your rug.
  • Step 3 – Select your colors.
  • Step 4 – Verify your order and send it!

After we receive your order, we’ll confirm you about your order and clarify any issues such as custom sizes or custom colors, then start your rug!

It’s never been faster, easier or simple to find the perfect rug.

Nepal Looms specialize only in custom design, size and colors to accommodate the taste of each individual’s needs. The pattern or design can be chosen from our photo gallery, or send us a drawn design, and we will work together to find the match able colors from our yarn color. Once an order is placed, we produce a small sample in strike off or swatch to test if combined colors chosen compliments each other well. The strike off size will be 1×1 or 1×2 or2x2 feet (Depending upon the number of colors and design. The delivery time for the strike off is within 4 weeks shipped via DHL. A rug will be made after strike off brings satisfaction to the choice of customer.


Size & Shapes

While standard rugs are available only in limited sizes, our custom rugs allow you to specify the exact size. It’s easy.  Think of the rug as the foundation for your room. The rug should be big enough to anchor the furniture grouping; however rugs are not floor covering.
Your rug should be placed proportionately in the room. For example, too small looks like a postage stamp. Too big covers all the hardwood.
In Dining rooms – Chairs should always remain on your rug, even when extended out.
In Family rooms and Living rooms – Furniture can be placed on the rug, at the edge of the rug, or a combination of both.
Use room-defining custom rugs to combine the versatility of an area rug with the cozy coverage of carpeting. Simply measure the room, deducting 3 feet to 4 feet from both the shortest and longest measurement depending on table and chair dimensions. 2 feet of flooring will frame your rug, setting the area apart and giving you maximum flexibility with furniture arrangements. 

Want to set an area apart for intimate gatherings? The right-sized custom rug will anchor the setting. Measure the perimeter of your furniture grouping and deduct 2 feet from the shortest and longest measurement. Your furniture will sit half-on and half-off the rug.

Unlike standard runners, our custom runners come in your sizes – fitting your hallway to a T for a dramatic, well-designed look. To get a perfect fit, measure your hallway and subtract 12″ from the shortest and longest measurements.  

When you have a runner created for your hallway, you can leave a foot on each side to show off your hardwood floor. In a dining room, a custom rug can go almost to the wall or it can cover just the center area, extending to where your guests will slide their chairs in and out to sit down for dinner.

Need measuring advice for a situation we haven’t covered here or like to have more information on how to measure special shapes and cuts? Email us. Our friendly design experts will be happy to help.

Think of your rug as the foundation for your room. A well-chosen rug will define the personality of the room. Once you define the rooms’ usage, you will be able to narrow your choice of a rug. For example, is the room formal or casual, or is it traditional or contemporary?

Rugs can be any shape. You don’t have to have 6 feet by 9 feet rectangular rug. Your rug can be square, six-sided, eight-sided, round, oval or an irregular shape.

Size Tolerance:

While every effort is made to manufacture to the correct size, slight variations are unavoidable and natural fibers can shrink as they move to a different climate. Tibetan rug sizes may vary by up to 2-5%.

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